Sandeep Hota

Sandeep Hota is a Project Manager at Utsha Foundation for Contemporary Art , Bhubaneswar , India . Witha Masters in Business Administration from Queen's University , Canada , he spent 15 years working inmany countries including the US , UK , Canada, UAE , Indonesia as a management consultant. Aftermoving back home to India in 2015 , he has devoted his time and project management experience inconceptualising , developing and implementing different projects for Utsha. He also conceptualised thefoundation's first internship programme , revised its vision and strategic objectives and established a citybased think tank on art and culture called the Bhubaneswar Art Collective. He has also authored adiscussion paper on the role of public art in the city called 'Art in the Smart City' which is the basis of anupcoming seminar on the subject in the city

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