Samarjeet Behera

'I am going to display four works which I have worked on during thisone-month long residency at Utsha. with I plan to display four works which I have worked on during this one-month long residency at Utsha.. Chairs - "seat to sit" : For this, laterite stone (mankada pathara) is to be used. The height and width of the sculptures will be around 2'. The length will be proportional to the size of the text.As my plan is to make it usable, the basic grammatical format for the words may be playfully modified. URDU (Kursi/Chair) ODIA (Chouki/Chair) My initial plan is to make chairs to sit, but not through traditional design. Here I play with some textual forms where the textual image of "chair" will inform the physical design of the usable "chair". I am going to use alphabets of Urdu and Odia. I have chosen these languages because of the different and interesting forms that their scripts lend themselves to. Additionally, Odia is my mother tongue, and it will help to connect with local people. It will be interesting to put them next to each other. Through this work I am trying to interrogate the givenness of objects. Because everybody understands, receives or analyses things according to how he has been trained by his culture or surroundings. "Sky" : This work depicts the branches as obstacles to see the sky. I have created this work by using tree branches which are generally perceived as obstacles to look at the pure sky and jute string. "Plan your vision" : This is a mixed media work using cotton boxes, watercolour on paper, and laterite stone.This work depicts three well-designed boxes having tree- wise pictures of monkeys on them. Inside the box, there are three sculptures. In the place of the first monkey, 'Mizaru', (do not see evil), there is a sculpture of a camera. In the box of the second monkey, 'Kikazary' (do not hear evil), there is a sculpture of a sound box. In the box of the third mon

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