Lipika Singh Darai

Lipika is a filmmaker based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. An aluminous of the premier film school, the Film &Television Institute of India, she specialized in film sound recording and is also an avid film editor. Whileher feature documentary “Some Stories Around Witches” depicts the humanitarian crisis around witch-hunting cases , her short fiction “The Waterfall” focuses on people’s struggle, to protect a dying waterfallfrom rapid mining activities which has brought in ecological devastation in one of the highly bio diverseforests in Odisha. She has won four National Film Awards, India in various capacities. Her films arecharacterized by a strong personal narrative style. Her work has been shown in various international andnational film festivals. She is currently making a feature length documentary on the puppeteer communities of Odisha, produced by Films Division, India.

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